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Simple facts are not enough. Oftentimes, we're overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty details and end up missing out on the stories that really matters.

Let's bring your content to the next level!

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About Us

We are an up-and-coming digital creative design studio that elevates your digital content to the next level with our innovative ideas and out-of-the-box solutions.

If you're looking for website copy that drives up sales, marketing content that attracts new customers, social media post that spreads the word, or a blog article that educates readers then we are here to share our knowledge and expertise to share your story with the world.

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Why Choose Us

We create content humans and machines would love!

We know there are many sides to every story. That's why we create content that speaks your brand voice, reflects your values and beliefs, and reaches the target audience.

What We Do

Write. Create. Conceptualize.

We elevate your content by making it relevant but stands out.

  • Content Management

    Copywriting, Blogging, Content Syndication, Email Marketing, Newsletters, Web Content
  • Content Writing

    Article Writing, Creative Writing, Technical Writing, Ghostwriting, Social Media, Custom Content Posts
  • Website and Blog Management

    Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, Web Design, Web Admin, eCommerce, Blog Management
  • Search Optimization

    Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Local Search, Search Engine Optimization
  • Creative Design

    Logo Design, Vector Graphics, Branding, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Research Analytics

    Market and Academic Research, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and other third-party social metrics
  • Our Portfolio

    Some works we did for other brands.

    We have created articles and other digital content for the following websites.

    Quick Work PH
    Island Media
    How We Work

    We fix your problems with digital content.

    We're not just writers. We keep conversations going, conjure new ideas, and sell things with words.

    Getting to Know the 'Who'

    We develop an effective content marketing campaign with an in-depth analysis of your target audience, market, and existing competitors so we can create compelling and relatable content.

    Understanding the 'What'

    We find out what needs to be done to make sure every content we produce have that creative punch that inspire people with stories that reach your brand audience and resonate beyond.

    Finding Out the 'How'

    Once we know who to target the messaging and narrative in order to unify that sense of connection, we figure out the overall strategy to achieve your goals.

    What We Write

    • Blog Articles

      Brand content with targeted keywords

    • Thought Leadership

      Show your knowledge and experience

    • Landing Pages

      Convert users to customers

    • Press Releases / Newsletters

      News update for your followers

    • Social Media Posts

      Keep your social media up-to-date

    • Research Writing

      From market research to white papers

    • Product Descriptions

      Brand messaging that encourages purchases

    • Niche Content

      From future studies to cryptocurrency

    What They Say

    Testimonials from people we work with.

    "...was fast and the articles were well written. No complaints from my end!"

    Angela Sim

    Managing Director at ENCE Marketing Group Pte Ltd

    "...provides services selflessly and produced good result."

    Dr. Bernard Yeo

    Character Coach

    "Good editor with excellent work ethics and a team player."

    Jason Nieva

    Director at Technology Transfer - BDO, UP Cebu

    "...a very good writer and I highly recommend him...very knowledgeable...wide reader."

    Britta Mary Oblan

    Front End Web UI Developer at AdParlor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    "...writes not to impress but to deadlines all the time! JP is highly commendable!"

    John Philip Cuevas

    Senior Assistant Manager at AZA Connect Center

    "...very detailed oriented person and a hardworking person I ever known."

    Aldren Perez

    Creative Team Lead at Bai Hotel.
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you have something in mind?

    We understand that some people might be confused as to how our copywriting and content creation services work so we're sharing you some frequently asked questions. Click the question that best describes your concern.

    Do you charge per article or per word count?
    We charge per word count depending on the content format and the topic difficulty.
    What do you need to know to provide a quote?
    Providing you an accurate quote depends on your needs and requirements. We need to know more details of the proposed content marketing service you need.

    - What kind of content of are you looking for?
    - What are the technical details? (i.e. number of pages, content length, content format, type of digital platform used, etc.)
    - If it's a website content, what are the pages? (i.e. landing / main page, product page, etc.)
    - Do you need the content to be syndicated / shared via social media and other platforms?
    - Will you need your articles or website be 'search-optimized'?
    - What's your deadline?
    What kind of writing service plans do you offer?
    We offer two writing service plans depending on your needs. If you're looking for a short-term or project-based service then we have on-demand plans. If you are keen to commit to a long-term service that requires regular content being produced for your brand, we have subscription plans suited for your needs.
    Can you tell me more about the on-demand plans?
    If you need copywriting services for a variety of content formats in short-term and project-based work then our on-demand writing service will do the job for you. But if you're looking for bigger savings then why not fo for bulk orders or try our subscription service.
    What about the subscription plans?
    If you are struggling to post on a regular basis, we can help you keep up with your content calendar by writing new blog articles every publishing date. It is just like putting your content marketing on autopilot so you can focus more on important things that affect your business.

    We will help you stay in control by notifying you every step of the way until new content are delivered. You can even delegate the entire process to us.

    We can start developing new topics and ideas that will fill up your content calendar. Once we publish the posts on your blog, we will report back to you as soon as possible.
    What information do you need to start the job?
    Before we start working on the content, we need to know more about the brand / business. Please please answer the questions on the list below.

    If there are additional information that we forgot to mention and may be relevant to the content marketing strategy, feel free to share it.
    Here are the list of questions:
    - What are the benefits and unique value proposition?
    - What are the competitors? Why is it better?
    - What claims do you want to make about it?
    - What's the personality of the brand?
    - Who is your target audience?
    - What do they need and want?
    - Why are they at your site?
    - How did they get there? (i.e. social media, blog, EDMs, etc.)
    - Why should they trust you?
    - What's your call to action?
    - What are your SEO keywords?
    When can you start? How long will it take?
    We can start within one to two weeks upon finalizing an agreement.
    As for completing the job, it all depends on the job requirements. So for a 500-word copy, it can be completed within 1-2 days as long as all the relevant information are provided and the work is reviewed and signed off as soon as possible.
    How do you take payment?
    For new clients, we request a 50% deposit before I start working on your copy. Once the project is completed and you're happy with the final draft, we will issue an invoice with 7 days to pay.

    In case of larger projects, we can arrange staggered payments to be paid once project milestones have been achieved. We can accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer. We will forward you the payment information via email.
    Do you provide free samples?
    Unfortunately, we can't provide free samples as it takes a lot of time to research, structure, draft, edit, and proofreed a copy.
    Do you take revisions?
    We can revise the copy as we go as long as within reason until you're ready to sign off the draft for posting/publishing. We will take your feedback on board before moving on to the next task.

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