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How to Make the Most of Your Blog Writing Subscription Service

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How to Make the Most of Your Blog Writing Subscription Service

If you happened to read the previous articles, we talked about why you should subscribe to a blog writing service and what are the benefits of signing up then you may want to know how to make the most out of it.

If you already signed up for our content subscription service then you should be publishing articles regularly by now. All you have to do is sit back and wait until customers start rolling in. Right?

Well, it takes some time before you start converting users into actual paying customers. You can't achieve its full potential if you just wait for people to find your content. Find other ways to maximize the return of investment out of every blog post. Even the small amount of time and effort to promote every single post will make a big impact on your content marketing campaign.

Here are some tips and tricks you can utilize:

Editorial Calendar

Plan out your content in advance so you have enough time to align your content strategy with your overall marketing plan. At the same time, produce custom content on special dates and promotions in your calendar.

Encourage Sharing

Whenever you publish a new article, post it on your social media right away. Bear in mind that each social media platform has its best times for engagement where most people are active. If you use compelling descriptions and image previews, you are more likely to encourage clicks. Use analytics tools to keep track of click-through rates and engagement to determine how effective your content is.

Aside from sharing your content, find ways to encourage user-generated content. Include social share buttons on the blog posts so that it will be easier for readers to share your content with their own network.

Make Your Content 'Digestible'

Blog posts without photographs or graphics would not get a lot of clicks. If you come to think of it, too much text would cause eye fatigue and your attention span would drop tremendously. It would be a great idea to have an image for every 75-100 words.

Make sure to highlight key tidbits of information so that your blog posts would be easier to scan quickly. 

Mix It Up

Create diversity in your content by having guest posts from interesting personalities, whether it may be one of your employees or a popular industry leader. You can even publish your articles in other blogs so you can reach a new audience.

Even if you publish on a consistent schedule, it is important to create different types of content all the time. Other blog articles may include case studies, listicles, step-by-step guides, interviews, and reviews.

Email Subscriptions

What about those people who use any social media platform? It would be a good idea to share your posts with your email lists via newsletters or EDMs. 

What are other strategies that you know?

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