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Blog Articles

Your business deserves the best blog articles to tell your story and strengthen your brand messaging. That's why we're here to help your marketing effort by writing blog articles that will give you that edge over your competitors.

Here are four reasons why you need us:

Tell Your Story
Every custom content we create will tell your unique story to as many people as possible. It's all about putting a human face to your brand with thought leadership content that resonates and relates to your prospective customers.

Boost Your Online Presence
At the end of the day, search engines value fresh, original blog content so that websites with at least 50+ articles are more likely to double their generated leads, increase backlinks by 97%, and internal links by four-fold. We make sure that all your content are keyword-optimized to boost your search engine rankings.

Generate More Leads
We know that your blog is like your fishing reel that will attract potential customers to your website. People looking for information are more likely to visit a blog article that would eventually help them decide to make a purchase online. In fact, businesses that utilize blogs see a drastic increase in leads with twice as more than businesses that don't.

Regular publishing of new articles will drive website traffic thereby increasing brand trust. In the long run, it breaks the barrier between the business owner and the customer.

Converting More Sales
As mentioned above, blog articles will generate more leads and the more leads you get, the greater chance of converting them into actual paying customers. The formula is straightforward: blog content drives new website traffic. Marketing strategy will kick in where these leads are nurtured to the point that they are convinced to make that purchase.

It is interesting to point out that inbound content marketing is 62% cheaper than traditional outboud marketing.

We develop content for your brand depending on the topic and subject matter so that your blog will bring more people to your website.

If you want new content for your brand on a regular basis, feel free to subscribe to our Content Subscription Service.
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