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The Gamification of Work Through Task Management

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The Gamification of Work Through Task Management

Have you ever wondered when was the last time when your boss told you how good you are to his organization? Do you have any idea how well you're performing at your job? These questions and concerns are perfectly normal yet it lingers inside your head for a while and it stresses you out thinking if the job you worked hard for is really good for you.

Why Task Management?

It's good to know that task management makes it easier for you to make the necessary adjustments and improvements with an evidence-based evaluation of your work. There's no doubt that the most important measurement to determine employee performance is productivity.

Even if you have the best task manager at your disposal, it would be challenging to sustain productivity if you assign tasks to people who lack the passion and motivation to achieve collective success. When there is a breakdown of engagement between both sides of the task flow then work becomes monotonous and boring. In a work like that, motivation takes a hit and productivity and performance plummet.

Make Everyone Play

So why not make work more fun and interesting? Introduce elements of play to boost people's enthusiasm to help get things done. You should probably agree with the saying, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

When you put games into work, it would make a very big difference as it creates a situation where it sustains motivation while also fostering accountability and transparency. Do you still remember the time when your mother said she will buy you a new toy if you clean the room? You probably did experience that. If that's the case then that's how gamification works. It brings the concept of reward and punishment to the next level but in this case, there is more emphasis on the reward. By putting reward at the heart of task management, it encourages achieving personal goals and milestones to achieve a more collective victory.

The Challenge Remains

Despite efforts have been made by a lot of organizations and employers, gamifying work remains a very challenging task. It is important to define all aspects of work: goals, behavior tracking, measurable key performance indicators, and an effective goal rewards system. It doesn't have to be tangible but a task management system should utilize a satisfaction rating mechanism that will quantify the quality of work and capability scores to effectively measure work timeliness. Once everything is in place then work will become more engaging and fun than ever before.

When designing a reward structure, it can be as simple as providing a five-star rating to a more elaborate digital badge system. It would be possible to convert points into real-world redeemable rewards in the form of cash, gift cards, and actual physical items. At the end of the day, setting up gamification at work would mean you get things done. It should be a system that should focus on getting work done than rewarding people too much just to do the most common tasks they should be doing.

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